Remuera Montessori

Remuera Montessori is a well-established boutique preschool licensed only for 30 children and located in one of the best suburbs in Auckland, in Remuera.

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2 Armadale Rd, Remuera, Auckland 1050


Telephone: (09) 5202805



From 7.45 am to 5.30 pm

About Us

Remuera Montessori is a well-established small preschool licensed only for 30 children and located in one of the best suburbs in Auckland, in Remuera. Our close proximity to Primary Schools in Remuera makes it a favourite with parents who already have school aged children in those schools in the area. 

Why Us

At Remuera Montessori, we offer the opportunities for your children to discover and explore their full potential. Our programs are intended to appeal to child’s innate hunger for knowledge. Your children will learn to love learning and to take pride in their accomplishments.Our homely “villa” environment offers children a home away from home. Our teachers are trained professionals and passionate about Montessori philosophy and believes in Montessori learning methods.

Our Philosophy . 

The Montessori philosophy is based on supporting the complete development of the child as they progress from birth to adulthood. It takes the broad vision of education as an aid for life.

As a way of teaching, Remuera Montessori offers the view that knowledge isn’t passively gained by listening to words. Rather, it is gained through experiences in the surrounding environment.



Language materials are designed to improve vocabulary and learn both written and spoken language.


Kids learn mathematical concepts by using Montessori sensorial exercises.


By cultural activities, children achieve understanding and appreciation of the world around them.

Practical Life

Practical Life activities are the activities of everyday life and they are involved in all aspects of life.

In her book, The Absorbent Mind first published in 1949, Dr. Montessori

“What we have been able to observe in children under conditions of life designed to help them in their natural development, has shown us very clearly the growth of obedience as one of the most striking features of the human character.”

"Our observations throw much light on this subject." - Dr. Maria Montessori

Obedience is seen as something which develops in the child in much the same way as the other aspects of his character. At first it is dictated purely by the hormic*impulse, then it rises to the level of consciousness, and thereafter it goes on developing, stage by stage, till it comes under the control of the conscious will.

"if we study the natural unfolding of this obedience" - Dr. Maria Montessori

“if we study the natural unfolding of this obedience, we find that it occurs in three stages, or levels. At the first level, the child obeys sometimes, but not always, and this may strike one as capricious, but it has to be subjected to a deeper analysis.” – Dr. Maria Montessori


What Our Families are Saying

“Remuera Montessori is not your normal early childcare centre. The centre provides the children with a well-rounded education with a strong emphasis not only on numeracy, literacy, science and art but with many opportunities to be exposed to different types of languages, food and culture. The caring teachers, conducive environment and the well-structured curriculum really helped to build a strong foundation to prepare my son Matthew
for primary school. I would strongly recommend this centre to other parents. Many thanks to Remuera Montessori for all that you have done. Good job and keep it up!”- Dr. Karen Leong

“Remuera Montessori has been an excellent learning foundation for our son Yusuf. It has taught him practical life, numeracy, reading, writing and many other great skills.  The teachers have been fabulous and really engaged in each child’s needs. Our son has developed immensely since starting as a 2 year old. He is now more than ready to take the next stage of his education to primary school.  I thank the Remuera Montessori so much for all they have
done for him.” – Swaleha Yusuf

The moment you step in, you know you are in the right place. The environment, staff and especially the curriculum has been wonderful to prepare our daughter Lola for her schooling years. The Montessori philosophy truly teaches children in an engaging and fun way while they also learn wonderful life skills. We look forward to bring in our son there soon. “- Eleni

“Montessori education teaches us to truly appreciate each child’s individuality and helps foster confidence. It builds a solid foundation for our Tamariki, paving the way for a journey of lifelong learning. It is in such an environment that I watched Tiana grew in knowledge and social skills. Remuera Montessori became her home away from home. As Tiana embarks on a
new journey, we will forever be grateful for the lessons learnt, friendships built and memories created.” – Nicola Thilakaratne

I liked Remuera Montessori because they really follow Montessori philosophy. Teachers are amazing and they help the children during their learning process. We as parents know what they are doing and with teachers’ assistance we know how to help our kids at home to keep working together in their progress. Nicole loved her teachers, and we noticed how much she
improved all this time at Remuera Montessori.  Nicole has a great knowledge and is more than ready and prepared for primary school, her transition is easier. Thanks to all for the kindness, patience and love to Nicole from Remuera Montessori, we will miss you all. – Karina Garayar