One of the regular feedback we hear from our parents is that the changes they have seen in their child’s behavior towards independence since they have started Montessori. As followers of Doctor Maria Montessori’s philosophy, we follow the vision of ” not helping a child with a task at which he or she feels they can succeed”. Instead, we encourage them to persevere and giving it a go!
At Remuera Montessori, our children’s independent nature is nurtured by our lovely team of dedicated educators. They take time to create space for children to learn on their own, in their own time and in their own ways. They lend support and observe children throughout the day and provide lessons as the day flows. They believe in children becoming independent; they encourage our learners to collaborate and acquire skills to work well with others and become team players. Thank you to our amazing team of teachers for being passionate about what you do.
See a snapshot of what is happening in our lovely villa which is a home away from home for children where children believe that they can do it themselves and grow their independence every day.
Have a lovely week and be kind to one another!
Team @ Remuera Montessori