At Remuera Montessori, we are responsive to our children’s emerging interests whether it’s individual or group to create meaningful learning experiences. It was a pleasant experience for us to observe some children working on their individual projects using recycling material and some working on Matariki stars which is now slowly progressing to a constellation. We are excited to see how this is going to unfold😊
New beginnings -We also introduced a few new activities in the Exercises of Practical Life area. We were delighted to experience children and parents exploring these activities. It was fun!
A love of play and sense of discipline; At Remuera Montessori, our children have acquired a love of play and a sense of creativity. They make up games and drills, for fun and to improve their athletic skills. They can persevere, repeat movements until they master them and apply their intelligence in physically challenging situations. This week coach Alisha and Elske introduced hockey to our children. We had few parents giving feedback about how they never thought about hockey as a sport for their pre-schoolers and how delighted they were to hear their children talking about this beautiful sport. We will be introducing more sports to our children in the coming weeks.
We would like to leave you with below quote from Dr. Montessori.
“The role of education is to interest the child profoundly in an external activity to which he will give all his potential”