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Our Montessori learning process is guided by clear simple human values that empower our children to become strong individuals who embrace diversity and who interact with each other and the environment with respect and responsibility.

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Life or Birthday Celebration

Life or Birthday Celebration

A Montessori Celebration of Life or Birthday Celebration is a fun community event! Not only does it help children share their special day with their friends, but also helps them to understand the passage of time, seasons, and how our Earth revolves around the sun,...

Happy Waitangi Day!

Happy Waitangi Day!

Remuera Montessori wishes you and your whanau a safe holiday on Waitangi Day! This week our children learned about why we celebrate Waitangi Day, the importance of the Treaty of Waitangi, and perserving and instilling Maori culture, language, and beliefs in our...

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